East Timor

A home for Marine creatures

East Timor is an untouched country which shelters a rich marine life


Experience the beauty, grace and magnificence of East Timor’s most celebrated sea creatures. Whale watching give you a chance to encounter Orca Whales and many other marine life in the surroundings. East Timor offers some of the best whale and dolphin watching expeditions allowing you to explore breath taking coastal scenery as well as amazing marine animals.

Here in East Timor you can find dolphins which are among the most intelligent marine animals in the world. They are known for their distinctive social behavior and acute intelligence. These too are threatened by human activity and in many ways are at our mercy for survival just like many marine creatures. As an graceful way to raise awareness and introduce the masses to the beauty of the dolphin, now a days various vacation resorts offer the masses with an opportunity to go swimming with dolphins and try to encourage environmental conservation.

This intelligence that is combined with their characteristic playfulness and their friendly nature, makes swimming with dolphins such a special experience.

Swimming with dolphins is so powerful because it makes the people of the world today realize that they have the power to stop the casual and mostly involuntary destruction of these fabulous creatures.

So if you get a chance, do not let go of this occasion where you can go swimming with dolphins, as it is an experience simply out of the world. The hope is that it will not be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but if our casual treatment of their environment doesn't stop, unfortunately it might be.


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