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Dolphins exposed to Timor Sea oil spill: WWF

There has been an oil has been leaking from the West Atlas oil rig in the Timor Sea since at least August 21.

The environment group WWF says that this a dwelling place for dolphins and other marine animals

and often seen swimming around in oil leaking from a rig off the north-west Australian coast.

A WWF representative says she is aboard a WWF boat close to the oil slick. She says there are a variety of fish and other animals in the area, which are coming in contact with this leaking oil. However she was glad that literally not many dead animals were seen.

But at the same time she said that they were now seeing animals in the affected area by the slick.These marine animals are likely to be exposed to continuing levels of toxicity that potentially well have long-term effects on the entire eco-system.

Ms Llewellyn says the boat has been moving around these oily patches of the area for almost two days. The stuff we see and the stuff we bringing back is now waxy, it's almost like hard cheese or hardened wax you get on a chicken soup when the fat hardens, she added.

This effect will be around for a long time. So we need to approach the myth that there's not a problem out here in a different way.

The company that owns the oilrig says it is still trying to plug the flow of the oil and the Federal Government says there is no evidence of environmental damage.

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