East Timor


The political scenario of East Timor

The president is the head of the state of East Timor. The president is elected via a popular vote for a term of five years. The role of the president is mostly symbolic as he does not have veto powers over many major issues. There are many legislations which do not grant special powers to the president. Thus he is mostly a ceremonious head. After the president is elected, the leaders of the major parties are also decided and allotted jobs. The leader of the majority party or coalition is appointed as the prime minister of Timor. The prime minister is in essence the head of the East Timor government and presides over the council or cabinet. The parliament of East Timor is unicameral. The members of this parliament are elected by a popular vote. These elected members are also on a term of five years. The number of seats keeps varying from fifty to sixty five. The Timorese constitution has been modelled on the Portuguese constitution. The country is still developing and is yet to build a solid political infrastructure.


The history and etymology of Timor

Another name for Timor is Timor Leste. The official name for this country is Democratic Republic of Timor Leste. This country is located in Southeast Asia. It contains within it the eastern half of the island of Timor. Along with this, the islands of Atauro, Jaco, Oecussi Ambeno and others are also a part of this nation. This small nation of Timor is located northwest of Darwin in Australia.


The economy of east timor

Earlier, east timor was best known for its sandalwoods. In the year 1999, most of east timor’s economic resources were destroyed by the Indonesian occupants. Around 260,000 people fled to the occident during this oppressive period of time. Later, an international programme by the United Nations led to the allocation of 5000 peacekeepers and 1300 police officers. This was all set up in an attempt to reconstruct the infrastructure of east timor. A few years down the line, about 50,000 of the refugees had returned. A very promising project is the joint development with Australia. As per this project, east timor and Australia have a joint pact over the development of natural gas and petroleum resources in southeast east timor.


Colonization of Timor by several countries

The Portuguese were the first colonizers of Timor. They were in fact he first people to colonize maritime Southeast Asia. They arrived in this continent in the 16th century. They then established outposts at Timor and the surrounding localities.


East Timor makes U.N. history with ozone treaty signing

Tiny East Timor signed a U.N. treaty to protect the Earth's delicate ozone layer, making it the first environmental pact


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