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Liquica is one of the top cities in East Timer. This beautiful city is situated in the East Timor northern coastal areas. This city is surrounded by some well-known cities in East Timor such as Ermera, Aileu, Dili and Bobonaro. Savu Sea is located in the northern west areas of this city.

According to the census conducted in the year 2004, the population of this city was estimated to be 55,058. Coming to the area, this as an area of 543 square kilometers. In fact, one of the districts in Portuguese Timor is identical to this city of East Timor. Some of the well-known sub-cities of this city are such as Maubara, Liquica, Bazarette etc.

This city is of course included in the list of world’s top touring destinations. In fact, millions of vacationers visit this city every year to catch the breathtaking view of Ombai Strait. This Strait is also visible when you are traveling through the cities like Dili and Liquica. In addition, the last mountain curve, the descending valleys, sandy and rocky beaches also add up to the natural scenic beauties of this amazing city. The vacationers will really have a great time while exploring the beauty of flowing river through the mountain, except in the monsoon seasons. Unfortunately, this also causes some major problems such as road washouts to the people in the local areas. Some basic diseases caused by mosquitoes such as dengue and malaria, are the most noticed diseases in this part of the world.

When it comes to languages spoken in Liquica, Tocodede, which is one of the well-known Malayo-Polynesian languages, is also included in the list of most spoken languages along official languages like Portuguese and Tetum. In this city of East Timor, there were only few traditional huts used by the people of local areas during the era of Portuguese occupation. However, thousands of buildings stood high during the era of Indonesian occupation. Unfortunately, most of these buildings were destroyed by the paramilitary forces sent by the Indonesian government. In fact, you will be able to explore the Portugal architecture when you visit this city today. However, later some of the Indonesian buildings were repaired, which looks creative and artistic, although it is outdated.

Coming to the history of Liquica, many Japanese Army Colonels were shot dead with the help of Australian SAS snipers when Second World War was still in progress. In fact, this violence act was witnessed by many Timorese people. However, there is no strong evidence in terms of date, legend, folklore and other factors. Nevertheless, this has remained as a black point in the history of Liquica city. Apart from this, there are some other cases such as murders of East Timorese people from the police officers of United States. Liquica city has been ranked has the 12th largest city in East Timor. In fact, this city is also one of the most visited touring destinations.



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