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East Timor Travel Tips for Australian Traveler

For a person living in Australia and planning a short getaway outside Australia, one of the feasible places to visit is East Timor. Located to the northwest of Australia, East Timor is at a distance of 640 km from northwest of Darwin, the capital city of Australian Northern Territory. If you are planning a trip to East Timor, first and the foremost get an Australian travel insurance cover. Insurance cover is a must as Australian Embassy has issued an ‘Exercise a high degree of caution’ advice for East Timor due to the occurrence of violence incidents rising out of political tension and internal tension between ethnic groups. Despite the warning, East Timor is a popular destination amongst the tourists as it offers it tourists extensive belt of enthralling beaches, rich marine life and fascinating coral reefs.

East Timor is one of the poorest countries in Asia with a lower-middle-income economy. Australia and East Timor share political and trade ties in fact Australia has also played a significant role the history of this country. Australian military also helped restore peace in East Timor after it got independence from Indonesia.

Here are few tips for a traveler coming to East Timor from Australia –

  • Situation in East Timor deteriorates without warning, so always pay attention to your security and stay updated with the media reports.
  • Ensure that your travel insurance provides coverage for evacuation in case of emergency as there is a significant expense associated with evacuation in case of accident or serious illness.
  • Avoid public gatherings, demonstrations and street rallies as there is a high probability of them turning violent.
  • Check the other entry and exit conditions along visa before travelling as quarantine regulations, customs and currency change regularly.
  • Leave the area even if a minor dispute breaks out as even small disputes tend to turn violent.
  • Visitors have experienced ‘Smash and Grab’ style of robbery while travelling in vehicles. So organize a variety of ways of accessing your money. Do not entirely rely on cash.
  • Ensure that your bags always remain in your sight as there have been incidents of bag snatching and robbery.
  • Individual travelers should avoid travelling at night.
  • A visit to some special sites of a religious or cultural significance require prior permission. Check with the local authorities and complete all the paperwork required.
  • Check your insurance policy for coverage of medical expenses incurred abroad and also ensure that you have taken the necessary immunization shots.
  • Malaria and other insect borne diseases are prevalent in East Timor, so wear long, loose fitting light colored clothes and always carry insect repellants.

East Timor is a wonderful place to visit, just be a smart traveler and enjoy your stay here!


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