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Water Sports Galore

People more than often visit beaches to indulge in and experience water sports.

Water adventure sports are certain kind of sports and adventure activities done in or over water primarily on beaches and at sea shores.

All famous beach resorts the world over have water sport activities on offer as part of their holiday packages. Water sports are no longer considered risky with all safety precautions are taken by the organizers and with the percentage of accidents being minimal.

Beaches the world over offer water sports and other fun filled adventure activities.Be it the pristine, clear waters of Indonesia and other South East Asian states or any other part of the world, having water sports activities only goes to increase the popularity of the beach and make it a dream holiday destination.

The beaches of East Timor which is a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean situated close to Indonesia are serene, sparkling and amazing. These beaches are unexplored and the turquoise blue waters in them makes you want to dive into them at all times.

A few famous beaches of East Timor are the almost hidden beach at Com. Com is a small fishing village with very friendly locals who are mostly fishing folk. They are warm and are always ready to take you with them on their fishing expeditions only glad to be helping you have some adventure. Com is very well known for excellent scuba diving and snorkeling spots guarantying some amazing under water views and experiences. Com has the very popular Com beach resort which offers some great water sports activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, Para gliding, and jet skiing among others.

The other popular beach of East Timor is the Areia Branca beach at Cape Fatucama which is a coastal region of East Timor. This beach is almost deserted, and offers a surreal view with a mountain range enveloping the beach and the clear water providing excellent under water sights. The houses on the coastline are small, neat bamboo thatched huts which provide a complete sea side picture. Atauro is another place flocked by tourists. This is a very scenic place and is just a little distance from Dili. People usually visit Atauro on weekend breaks and enjoy the lovely beaches here which dot the coastline.

Water sports are serious games and adventure based activities which should be undertaken after adhering to all the advice of the instructors and after taking all precautions to prevent any mishaps or untoward incidents. People with certain problems like heart disease and hypertension should not undertake any such activity. Certain water sports require you to take a few training sessions with the instructors and only then indulge in the actual sport. While water sports provide that frenzy and excitement, the usual risks involved should be understood.

You are always on the lookout for that perfect holiday which gives you the ultimate complete experience. If taking up water sports gives you that not so very often opportunity to live life on the edge, then you should definitely go in for it. And as they say, “what is life? If you have not experienced a little of everything!”


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