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Visiting the amazing beaches of East Timor

East Timor, officially known as the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean which is part of the South East Asian states.

It consists of the eastern part of the islands of Timor along with other islands by the names of Jako, Oecussi Ambeno and Atauro. East Timor is a small nation but it does spring a few surprises. Its terrain displays varied changes within a few hours of driving. It changes from huge majestic ranges of mountains to grassy plains. It has amazing white sandy beaches and pristine coral reefs.


If you are someone who loves the cool blue of the ocean, if you instantly hear the roar of the waves when you try to listen from a sea shell or if you can not be done with your year’s full of holidays without a trip to the seaside, then the turquoise blue and sandy beaches of East Timor are your cup of tea.

Easily accessible from Indonesia as well as Darwin, Australia, East Timor is an easy to reach destination. Make sure to get your booking done well in advance as many of the beach resorts and holiday hotels dotting the coast of East Timor offer packages and deals which are taken up quickly.

Com Beach:
Com is a small village off the coast in East Timor. This village is filled with fishing folk who are friendly and will gladly let you join them on their frequent fishing trips unless of course it is quite dangerous to do so. You have some amazing snorkeling and scuba diving spots in Com which has a surreal almost hidden beach. This beach has become part of the Com Beach Resort which is the biggest beach resort in Com.

Most of the shy, friendly people of East Timor are of Indonesian origin and they are all game to help you with having fun and adventure. The mountains of East Timor stand firm and solid but they give way to the most amazingly beautiful beaches. The water in these beaches is so clear and pure that the pristine reefs below are visible to the naked eye. That is why divers from the world over flock to these beaches to capture some of the world’s best under water view and experiences.

Atauro Branca beach:
Cape Fatucama is another famous coastal region which has a very popular beach by the name of the Atauro Branca beach. This beach is mostly known for the really big statue of Jesus which looks down at the people and reminds everyone of the one is Rio. Maubisse is another popular hilly region of East Timor which has beautiful layers of coffee plantations all around. It is not very far from Dili and just takes one day to reach. If you are lucky enough to visit during the coffee season then the locals will let you take part in the traditions of the place and you can watch the harvesting of the coffee beans.

It does not matter if you are not an avid lover of the sea, when you visit East Timor there is so much else to see that your holiday will eventually turn out to be that perfect learning experience.


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