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If you a beach bum then you need no further initiative to pack your bags, grab your swimming trunk, dab on sunscreen, put on your sun shades and head out to the sea shore.

For some people the ocean, its smell, appearance, the sand, the sea shells and everything about the sea is almost therapeutic. The sight of the ocean gives them a sense of calm and makes all their problems disappear well at least temporarily. If you are one such person, then you should set about exploring all the famous beaches the world over. In fact there are some travel agencies who organize holidays exclusively to seashores with famous beach resorts on them.

The beaches of the Caribbean, the sunny beaches of South America, the islands of the Philippines with their amazing beaches have to be on the list of any beach bums list of exotic beaches. Not to be left behind are the sparkling, clear beaches of East Timor. A small island country close to Darwin, Australia, East Timor is dotted with lovely beaches along its coast. The islands of Indonesia share ocean space with some of the East Timor ones. Located in the Pacific Ocean, East Timor is a popular tourist destination characterized by serene, peaceful and unexplored beaches which only go on to contribute to that ultimate sea side holiday.

The famous beaches of East Timor are the turquoise blue watered beach of Com. Com is a fishing community in East Timor. This beach is well known for its scuba diving and snorkeling spots and attracts diving enthusiasts in droves. Under water photographers and film makers have clear views of the reefs and water floors which make for exquisite stills. The Com Beach Resort is a famous place for tourists to stay while stopping at Com.

The nearly deserted beaches of Dili, the capital of East Timor provide the most picturesque view with majestic mountains towering over clear, blue, pristine waters. The white, roaring waves lapping on the sea shore make for a wonderful sound. With the beach almost entirely to yourself, you can explore, have a picnic, build sand castles, collect sea shells and indulge in any pastime you like. When beaches are unexplored and quaint like the ones in East Timor, you heart never wants to leave the place.

The Ataero beach in the coastal region of Cape Fatucama is yet another surreal, white sandy beach. This beach offers many water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, Para sailing, jet skiing and many more. Enthusiast of water sports live their dreams on beaches like these is East Timor.

No matter which beach you head for when in East Timor, the experience leaves you more enriched, more satisfied and more appreciative of the beauty and blessings of nature. You also learn to value silence and calm and its importance in your life when you are one with the silence of a deserted beach like the ones in East Timor. You return a more complete person.


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